Effective physiotherapy & clinical Pilates
Effective physiotherapy & clinical Pilates

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Consultant receives positive feedback

"I've never had such positive feedback from patients I send to physiotherapy as I do from those who've seen Cathy."

Andrew Skyrme, Orthopaedic Consultant

The Esperance, Eastbourne

Pregnancy based back and rib pain melted away
“From week 20 of my pregnancy I had been struggling with pain in my back and rib cage that got increasingly worse over the course of the day. By 7-8pm daily I was unable to sit upright. I had tried pregnancy massage, yoga and stretching but was in daily agony.


Before I saw Cathy I genuinely believed that if my pain continued I would have to give up work or at best, work from home. Yet after my first physio session with her I had significant improvement and was able to sit in a chair for the first time in weeks. After just a few more treatments I was functioning normally again.


Not only is Cathy a skilled, meticulous and professional physio, she also has a lovely manner which puts you at ease straight away.”


Jennifer Deane, 36
Brighton & Hove


From the sofa to the garden - and beyond

"I came to Cathy at Blue Koala Physio having suffered from regular bouts of extreme neck and back pain brought on by mild exercise, or even just normal movement. This would frequently leave me bed or sofa bound for several days.


Since working with Cathy, I've returned to the gym and have also completely re-landscaped my garden. I first attempted this a year ago, and ended up spending three days on the sofa.


It's been fun, challenging, educational and very rewarding to work with Cathy. I'm now much more aware of my posture and of how my body works. I attended Cathy's class tailored to running and balance and can now run 5km with no pain. Previously I always had to stop between 2-3km due to back pain.


Cathy is very encouraging and knowledgeable and I highly recommend her. I've personally experienced better results with her Pilates classes than any other treatment in the last 10 years."

'The Baron' from Hove


Naturally healthier in body and mind

"After many years of intermittent lower back pain, I regularly endured painful spasms, needed painkillers and suffered some depression.

Cathy listened to my issues and helped improve my confidence, mobility and mood. Her many skills combine to provide an holistic approach to therapy that includes manipulation, massage and guided exercises. She also suggested mindfulness techniques that I have undertaken with great success.

As a result, my episodes of pain are now less frequent and I recover from them more quickly. I also need to take less medication.”

Sue from Hove who is in her 60s

Faster and fitter

I’m a keen runner and used to suffer from persistent knee pain. Towards the end of my marathon training I developed acute pain in my knees and sought Cathy’s help.


The results have been excellent. I’m now running again without any pain in my knees. Before I found Cathy, I was clueless about strengthening and conditioning. Now I’m confident that I’m going to be a stronger, faster runner in future.  


Cathy is friendly, positive and supremely knowledgeable. I felt completely confident in her diagnosis and treatment. She really understands runners and their issues.


I’ve already recommended her to my friends and would do so to anyone, without hesitation.

Michelle, aged 42
Keen runner

Effective, inspiring treatment

"As a doula, my job is to assist women in giving birth. The work can be physically demanding and my back has taken the toll. I came to Cathy at Blue Koala to help strengthen my spine and relieve my lower back pain.


She's an excellent physio and I'm now pain free, feel more supple and am much stronger.  I can get out of bed in the morning without wincing - and I recover from supporting births quicker.


Cathy has also inspired me to commit to exercise for my own benefit - which in the past I've found very challenging. I highly recommend Cathy. She's very knowledgeable and friendly and passes on information in an easily accessible way.


My life is so much easier since working with Cathy."

Sally from Brighton & Hove

Live, online Pilates

Cathy runs regular Pilates classes live on Zoom. The cost for each one-hour class is £5.


Classes are held:
Tuesdays: 18:30 - 19:30  Intermediate/advanced

For more information, including how to book please click here:

Coming soon...

Pilates for runners, cyclists, triathletes - watch this space....


Medico Legal Expert Witness:

Catherine Wilde


Cathy is actively working as an expert witness in Medico Legal cases. To find out more, including contact details, please click here.

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