Effective physiotherapy & clinical Pilates
Effective physiotherapy & clinical Pilates

Physiotherapy for sports injuries

How to get yourself up and running again

If you’re active in one or more sports, injury time can really get you down. It stops you doing what you enjoy most and all you want is to get fit again. The good news is that Blue Koala Physio can help you get back on track, fast. We’re expert, not only at diagnosing, treating and helping you to manage your sports injury – but can also help prevent many injuries in the first place. This includes:


  • Achilles tendinopathy and pain
  • Foot and ankle pain                     
  • Neck and back pain                              
  • Knee and hip pain                                
  • Shoulder pain                    
  • Tennis elbow                      


Effective rehabilitation, treatment, management and prevention

Many sports injuries happen because of an underlying biomechanical problem. This means that the muscles and joints surrounding the injured area are not working properly. For instance, your muscles may be too long, too short, too weak, too tight – or simply aren’t being activated correctly. So the first step in your recovery is to find out exactly what has contributed to your problem.


By addressing every aspect of your injury, including the underlying biomechanics, you can have the greatest confidence in long term, effective results.


Video analysis

Using video analysis of your gait and sporting activities, we can identify your risk factors for injury. Once identified, these areas can then be addressed using manual therapy and rehabilitation techniques. The aim is to activate, stabilise, stretch and strengthen the muscles in and around the area of pain to ensure you return to your sport even stronger than before. 


Manual therapy & customised exercises

Hands on, manual therapy and acupuncture will help reduce pain and stiffness to the surrounding joints. While a programme of specific exercises will give you control and focus as you stabilise, stretch and strengthen your movements and become pain-free. Your treatment will include advanced rehab techniques to return you to sport with improved technique, strength and confidence.


First hand experience

As a keen runner and triathlete herself, with a special interest in the biomechanics of running, cycling and swimming, Cathy understands exactly what you need. She’s played most sports, primarily hockey, cricket, softball and football, and worked for a number of sports clubs, including football, hockey, rugby union and semi-professional league teams. Blue Koala Physio has provided pitch side support for local Brighton & Hove teams.


As a level 1 triathlon coach, in addition to her physio skills, Cathy is well placed to assist you back into swim, bike and running with supprot all the way.  



Cathy is a member of the ACPSEM (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine) and is qualified in sports trauma management through Lubas Medical Training.

Live, online Pilates

Cathy runs regular Pilates classes live on Zoom. The cost for each one-hour class is £5.


Classes are held:
Tuesdays: 18:30 - 19:30  Intermediate/advanced

For more information, including how to book please click here:

Coming soon...

Pilates for runners, cyclists, triathletes - watch this space....


Medico Legal Expert Witness:

Catherine Wilde


Cathy is actively working as an expert witness in Medico Legal cases. To find out more, including contact details, please click here.

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