Effective physiotherapy and clinical Pilates in Brighton
Effective physiotherapy and clinical Pilates in Brighton

Stay active in later life

How to stay active in later life

As you get older, your muscles and joints can become stiffer. This is due to the ageing process, wear and tear, and not using your muscles as much as before. The great thing is, however, that muscles can be retrained at any age – even in people aged over 100. So with a little help and guidance from Blue Koala Physiotherapy, you can help to retain your mobility and independence. 


Manual therapy for stiff muscles and joints

Stiffness in your muscles and joints can be relieved to a great extent by manual therapy, soft tissue massage and/or acupuncture. When combined with movement therapy and strengthening exercises, you can soon enjoy a future where you move fluidly, easily and with less pain.


Learn to move with confidence

If you have a fear of falling, physiotherapy can help. Join us for a special weekly strength and balance class that’s proven to help improve your balance and flexibility, general fitness and mobility. It’s a friendly, lively class with lots of interaction and good fun. Alternatively, make a private appointment for assessment of your needs, manual therapy and a programme of bespoke exercises to do at home. For a 1:1 session to get you moving again please book on

01273 561 844.


Helping in osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is loss of bone density, which can lead to bones becoming easy to fracture. Physiotherapy can make a significant, positive difference if you suffer from osteoporosis. Strengthening exercises of both the lower and upper limbs has been shown to have a good effect in those with early osteoporosis and osteopaenia (slight loss of bone mineral density). Many people with osteoporosis are afraid of falling, and the consequences it may have. But strengthening the muscles in your legs can significantly help maintain your mobility, fitness and independence. Our Strength and Balance course on Thursdays at 1:00pm is a good way to start.  


Call 01273 561 844 for a 1:1 physio appointment or to book the class. 

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