Effective physiotherapy and clinical Pilates in Brighton
Effective physiotherapy and clinical Pilates in Brighton

Being pain-free is priceless

Initial Telephone/ video appointment £40


Follow up telephone / video appointment £30



Initial consultation face to face - available from 30th June.

Your initial consultation will take longer than follow-up sessions as we will need to carry out a thorough assessment and take a brief medical history.  Due to the current pandemic, the first part of the assessment will be done via video link earlier than your appointment - so that the time in clinic is shorter than usual. This is included in your initial treatment cost of £62


Follow-up consultation -  in clinic available from 30th June

Each following consultation will take 30 minutes and costs: £50.


Face to face appointments are currently not available via online booking, please contact Carol on 01273 030730 or carol@bluekoalaphysio.co.uk to book.  


  • If you have more than one issue and need an  hour for a new or follow-up consultation the cost is £85


Pilates 1:1 - price £60 for 45 minutes 

Pilates 1:1 sessions including full assessment and a bespoke exercise programme cost £60. Follow up appointments available.


Home visits

Available on request outside clinic hours within a two mile radius of the clinic.  Please call 01273 030730 for cost and an appointment.

Online initial appointment
40.00 GBP

Initial online physiotherapy appointment 45 minutes - we will do an online assessment, and provide advice and exercises as appropriate

initial online appointment
Online follow up appointment
30.00 GBP

This is a follow up appointment online via video link

Online follow up appt
Initial appointment in clinic
62.00 GBP

Initial appointment in clinic - 45 minutes, including an initial virtual assessment. Please note this is for those with significant pain, are having difficulty managing their condition or who require a full assessment. Please call 01273 030730 or email carol@bluekoalaphysio.co.uk

Initial consultation
Follow up in clinic
50.00 GBP

Follow up physiotherapy appointment in clinic

Follow up in clinic
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From 30th June

Clinic times:
Cathy - Tuesday 14:00-19:00
Cathy - Friday 11:00 - 15:30
Paul - Saturday 09:00 - 12:00



Cathy Kwan

Paul Jones



Carol Attwood

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